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Photo: Olivier Pol Michel

Rahel Süß is a political theorist researching digital technology and the future of democracy at Humboldt-University (post-doc). She studied political science, philosophy and sociology at the University of Vienna and Charles University in Prague. In 2020, she obtained her PhD with a thesis on a democratic theory of experimental action (summa cum laude).


Between 2017 and 2020, Rahel held visiting and research positions at Westminster University, Queen Mary and Goldsmiths University of London, Duke University, and Humboldt-University. She is currently working on her forthcoming monograph on the idea of experimental democracy. Her most recent book Demokratie und Zukunft: Was auf dem Spielt steht has been published with Edition Konturen in 2020.


In her postdoctoral project, Rahel examines the democratic implications of predictive technologies and explores how democratic action is viable under conditions of “algorithmic certainties”. She is the founder of the journal engagée and the founding director of the Data Politics Lab.


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Photo: Olivier Pol Michel |www.moi-toi.de



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